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I am new, and look forward to being on here more often. I used to live on when I had my Maxima. I was hoping I can get some help with a problem I have.

I have an 04 Path SE, which currently only has 28k on it. I bought it with 22k on it, and sad to say, didn't notice this problem during the test drive. This is annoying me big time.

When I accelerate to around 20-25 mph, I feel a strong vibration coming from the undercarriage. It does not happen during a shift, and no other problems have come up. All the shifts are smooth, and I don't feel the vibration any other time. I brought it to the dealer, who I have an extended warranty with. The mechanic tells me that the body style/SE trim still used a lot of mechanical parts, and that that is the truck catching up with the drive shaft. I'll be honest and say that this does not feel normal. The harder I accelerate, the more prevalent the vibration is. My whole truck sucks.

Did he BS me nicely, or is this a known problem/issue? I looked through this forum first to avoid posting something repetitive, but could not find anything. I was considering bringing it to a different Nissan, and see if they can come to a conclusion without simply pulling up my past maintenance/visit info. Any input? Thanks in advance. :cheers:
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