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04 frontier - Pillar tweeter

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04 Nissan frontier King Cab XE (4 speakers)

I recently replaced the headunit and door speakers in my frontier. I replaced the head unit first, with an ecplise. No problems after the replacement.
After replacing the door speakers the pillar tweeters do not seem like they are working
The speakers that replaced the factory have a crossover seperating the mid and tweeters. I did not change any wiring going to the pillar tweeter, just using the tweeter that comes with the new speaker, so I would have assumed that they would have continued to work.

Can anyone tell me if the nissan wiriing has a crossover somewhere in it or what I am missing ?
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How do you remove the pillars on a 2004 frontier in order to replace the tweeters?
i installed a planet audio headunit, morel tweeters, audio development mid-bass, planet audio 400 watt for the components, and a very old ppi 200 watt amp paired with a old style(round) kicker solo baric 10
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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