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Hey Everyone

Im new to the forum and it seems like a great place for information. I know this post belongs in the engine forum but i am having problems posting (i get logged off when i click that forum :confused:) so sorry in advance.

I have a 2004 Sentra 1.8S and i want to get some bolt-on mods, specifically an intake right now. Im looking at come CAIs and short ram intakes. This is what i have in mind:
-Injen SP Speed Pro Cold Air Intake
-Fujita Cold Air Intake
-Weapon R Secret Weapon Short Ram Intake
-Weapon R Dragon Air Intake

Has anyone had experiance with these? How do they preform and are they a direct fit (they all say they are)? I can do minor mods to make something work, but i would prefer not to if i dont have to.
Also, do these (specifically the Weapon R systems) have a place for the air sensor?

Thanks in advance for replies.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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