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Hello i've been trying to search this forum all night and morning now..and i still couldnt find a similiar problem to my friends car problem he's having.

Here is how it happened..

I took off in his car..not so bad launch just ease it till the clutch was all the way out. then floored it and shifted at 6k and went to 2nd then it started to boggle right when i gave it gas.

I wasnt sure what was going on so i stopped the car and started it again.. and it was fine. Drove it down a little more to a parking lot, to look if i can see something obvious wrong and nothing was. ****heres the weird part*** I tried starting the car again, and it would start up and then just stall right away. As if something was clogging the intake or the exhaust, or a clog in the fuel injector. **** as well if you try to give it gas right when you crank the car, it stalls even faster..***

the symptoms kind of looked like O2 sensor, except for car stalls faster when giving gas. I checked the code and it gave me p0301 which is a low voltage o2 sensor or something...

I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on with my friends car..

I was thinkin about to just go buy the o2 replacement and just try that, but that doesnt explain why giving gas would make the car stall out faster.

also he did say he replaced the o2 sensor already before.

Thanks in advance you guys!
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