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02 spec gas pedal circuit board pic

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iv been having problems with my car ever since i got it. everything has been replaced but the gas pedal so, i have taken it apart to check it out and see cracks almost look like they are supposed to be there but probably not so here is a pic and if anyone has seen one before or can get one to look at let me know if the cracks are supposed to be there or not.
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oh yea make sure you zoom in on it you can see them pretty good
It would probably help if you were to tell us EXACTLY what's wrong with your Sentra.
it goes into failsafe mode sometimes the rpm doesnt go above 2500 or sometimes it will go higher just really slowly and iv been to nissan 6 times and they say since it doesn't go into fail safe mode when they have it they cant figure out whats wrong and get about 5 different obd error codes alot the codes are for the things that have been replaced. so not even nissan can fix it evidently.
its been replaced 6 times in the cars life as well as 3 ecm's, maf just replaced, crank and cam position sensors, engine at 31,000 miles because of eating butterfly screws, idle relearn all the time. i learned all this just after getting the car and got the service records from nissan.
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