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My power window has been broken for some time now, it's an '01 Frontier 4x4 S/C crew cab. I finally got around to pulling the door panel off, along with all switches and panels. The problem I'm having is that the power window motor area and cables are shielded by the metal door panel. So I'm not sure where to look or how to go on this.

What I do know is that the motor operates on some sort of pulley. When put my hand down there and hit the up/down switch, I can feel the pulley turn which has several grooves in it.

I see the track in the center of the door where the window would go up and down on, and the cable to that portion (comes from underneath) is okay. The other cable is in bad shape, it goes from the motor to the bottom of the window, but I can't be sure. It's very loose and I can pull it all the way out of the window.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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