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  1. X-Trail
    Hello everyone. Does anyone know of a site I can order a mechanics repair manual for a North American 2005 Nissan X-Trail? The ones I've found are not for the NA market and I need to be 100% as I plan on doing engine heart surgery (head gasket). Need to get proper torque as well as timing chain...
  2. X-Trail
    For a year I have been trying to buy a left front axle without success. Lots available for the auto version. Anybody got and leads or ideas? I am located 3 hours north of Toronto near North Bay. thanks Willy
  3. X-Trail
    Model Year – 2015 Kms Driven – 155,000 Kms/ 96,313 Miles Dear Experts, I change the engine oil, filters, brake pads, spark plugs and tyres regularly. Since the car is driven almost 100 K miles, I would like to understand what important things I need to do to increase the life of the car. What...
  4. X-Trail
    Hello all, I recently bought an after market head unit for my girlfriends 2006 X-Trail SE, I connected the harness for the head unit to the factory adapter harness (Metra 70-7551 Nissan vehicle from 1995-2010) which clipped into the factory harness properly, and before installing it...
  5. X-Trail
    Hello Guys, I have a X-trail T30 engine 2.0 # QR-20-596035A Chasis # TDAALAAT30-A322527 Lazada and Shopee don't have in-stock, and I really need new Cylinder Head Gasket kit for a full overhaul and a water pump and timing chain. I live about an hour from Davao City and been to several stores...
  6. X-Trail
    Hello all, Can someone please help me with the name of this part in the photo and any help as to where I can get a replacement (I’m in the UK). It basically goes around the windscreen, but have realised it has been pulled off while I was at work in car park. Thanks in advance
  7. QR25 2.5L Engine
    Yo! Has your engine blown? Let’s hear your results!
  8. X-Trail
    Does anyone have any information on fitting running boards to t30 xtrail. I have no idea how.
  9. 6th/7th Generation Sentra (2007–2019)
    I have a an xtrail needing new rotors but I would like to buy aftermarket ones on Amazon, however the Japanese makes are not common and I was wondering if there are interchangeable American models I can buy from? Locally the rotors go for 120 a piece which seems steep.
  10. X-Trail
    I have a Nisan X Trail 2002 petrol to 2.5 L that has been having an intermittent starting problem. Generally I was able to get the car to start by turning the key to the on position then turn it off and turn it back on and it would start now it won’t start at all. the key and immobiliser was...
1-10 of 10 Results