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  1. X-Trail
    European NISSAN X-Trail (T32) 1.6 dCi ALL MODE 4x4-i (NT32) (96 KW / 130 CH) Hello, I would like to ask for some advice as to which part(s) have most likely failed to result in the following symptoms: This fault first appeared around a couple of months ago: Start/Stop failure (with dashboard...
  2. X-Trail
    Hello, I have a small dent in the rear exterior door moulding of my Nissan X-Trail. I want to replace this part 822824CA0A but not sure how to remove the existing piece. Thanks in advance for any help or redirection to an existing discussion or video on this topic. Warren.
  3. B16 and B17 chassis
    I have a an xtrail needing new rotors but I would like to buy aftermarket ones on Amazon, however the Japanese makes are not common and I was wondering if there are interchangeable American models I can buy from? Locally the rotors go for 120 a piece which seems steep.
  4. X-Trail
    I have a 2015 X-Trail (T32 1.6DCi Auto) which is often, but not always, coming up with a Stop/Start system fault warning on the dashboard when starting up. So far I have changed the battery for a new start/stop compatible one for this model (so the shop says), and bought a charger to make sure...
  5. X-Trail
    Hi folks, I'm posting from Victoria, BC, Canada. I'm considering buying a 2006 X-Trail SE, 5-speed, with 140,000km. I am wondering about what people think regarding the longevity of the vehicle and about the long term availability of parts as this model only existed in Canada between 2005-2006...
  6. X-Trail
    Hello guys, Im new to the chat. Recently we have purchased a 2021 renault koleos with the 2.5 Qr25de engine and Cvt. I was wondering, since parts for renaults are hard to find and expensive in my country, does this car share things like the brake pads, etc with the Nissan X-trail. If they are...
  7. L32A 2007-2012 Altima
    Does anybody know the correct AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID for the Nissan X-Trail GT (SR20VET) Is it Dexron3, Mercon4, Nissan Matic J, Nissan Matic D, Dexron4??????
  8. X-Trail
    It is 1:18 Scale! Every car owner should own one at home. What a fabulous collection it is .
1-9 of 9 Results