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    I have a 2015 X-Trail (T32 1.6DCi Auto) which is often, but not always, coming up with a Stop/Start system fault warning on the dashboard when starting up. So far I have changed the battery for a new start/stop compatible one for this model (so the shop says), and bought a charger to make sure...
  2. X-Trail
    Hi folks, I'm posting from Victoria, BC, Canada. I'm considering buying a 2006 X-Trail SE, 5-speed, with 140,000km. I am wondering about what people think regarding the longevity of the vehicle and about the long term availability of parts as this model only existed in Canada between 2005-2006...
  3. X-Trail
    Hello guys, Im new to the chat. Recently we have purchased a 2021 renault koleos with the 2.5 Qr25de engine and Cvt. I was wondering, since parts for renaults are hard to find and expensive in my country, does this car share things like the brake pads, etc with the Nissan X-trail. If they are...
  4. L32A 2007-2012 Altima
    Does anybody know the correct AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID for the Nissan X-Trail GT (SR20VET) Is it Dexron3, Mercon4, Nissan Matic J, Nissan Matic D, Dexron4??????
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    It is 1:18 Scale! Every car owner should own one at home. What a fabulous collection it is .