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  1. X-Trail
    Vehicle: 2006 X Trail LE 2.5L QR25DE Hi guys, new to the fourm, I just got a 2nd hand 2006 Xtrail LE that was in good shape at 246k km, did the basic maintenance to make it safetiable and road worthy, but after getting it back from the mechanic, on my way to work, The service light came on, it...
  2. X-Trail
    Nissan X Trail T30 2006: Hi all, My 2006 X Trail has had a few problems recently, it has never had an issues in the past, is serviced well and has 120000KM on the clock. The first issues that came up roughly two weeks ago were an unusually long crank time, poor fuel economy and a noticeable...
1-3 of 3 Results