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  1. Less known Nissan models
    Hi, I replaced my ignition barrel and got a new key. After I plugged in the new ignition with new key and start, the car would only crank but will not start. Took the new ignition barrel and the old key to a locksmith and was told that there was no transponder in the old key. I even tried...
  2. Z31 300ZX(T)
    Good even, I’m the proud owner of a 1987 Nissan 300zx turbo. I love the car but after it sat for a winter last year it decided it doesn’t wanna start. I put the key in everything comes up (most of my dash seeing my dash power supply burned out) fuel pump turns on. Once I start cranking it’s...
  3. Pathfinder
    Good evening all(time reflects pst) I was recently given a 97 Pathfinder by a friend. Although extremely kind and generous of him it was it has been a nightmare troubleshooting the several issues that came with it. So the biggest issue I’m dealing with right now is that it won’t start...
1-3 of 3 Results