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turn signal
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  1. HB Truck
    Recently my left side signal stopped blinking, but still illuminated. Then it stopped working entirely. Both rear signals were and front signals working fine. Then, both front signals also stopped completely, not illuminating or anything. All of the bulbs are fine. The turn signal fuse is fine...
  2. B15 2000-2006 chassis
    I recently replaced bulbs of the cluster but at r I replaced noticed all my lights worked except the turn signal did flash it worked in the exterior but they didn’t flash in the cluster? Looking for help or do I need to put old bulbs back in in just turn signals ?
  3. A32 1995-1999 Chassis
    Had a minor wreck that dented the front fender quarter panel and 2 lighting areas. How easy is it for a non-mechanic to remove and replace the fender, front bumper, and the 2 lights? Pic attached I found the 2 lighting assembly components new for about $6 and $15 each. I see the fenders...
1-3 of 3 Results