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  1. Pathfinder
    Hello guys, i'm new here as well as to the world of pathfinders, '95 to be exact. In any case, has anyone put on some true 33" tires on their wd21 pathfinder? How did the v6 handle them in terms of power and secondly in terms of gas milage. Also, any particular tire brands that have true 31"s...
  2. Pathfinder
    I have a 2" lifted 2001 pathfinder and I am going to buy 16x7 wheels with 0 offset and I'm wondering what's the biggest size tire I can run, I'm going to plan on trimming the bumpers and cutting the fenders as much as needed. Any help would be appreciated!!!
  3. 1st/2nd Generation Sentra/Pulsar (1982–1990)
    If you have a B12 Sentra, here are some tire sizes that will fit your ride without causing any problems: 13” tires: 175/70/13 (factory size) 155/80/13 14” tires: 185/60/14 15” tires: 195/50/15 175/55/15 175/60/15 185/55/15 16" tires: 205/45/16 Feel free to add any that I missed.
1-3 of 3 Results