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throttle body
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  1. B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    I have an ‘89 Sentra with start up issues after having it worked on. CEL suggested the Air Flow Meter to be the culprit. Tests confirmed it. Can’t seem to find an auto parts store nearby or online that has it. My only option now is to buy a used throttlebody with one attached on eBay for $300+...
  2. A35 2009-2014 Chassis
    I have an 09 Maxima that has developed a very high pitch whine. The whine stays at a constant tone regardless of rpms. It's the same no matter if I'm driving or at idle, running the AC or not, and does not change with power steering use either. I used the long screw driver as a stethoscope trick...
1-2 of 2 Results