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  1. X-Trail
    Hi there Please help me with the Nissan X-trail T30 drivers floor question. There is a strange detail on the drivers floor installed on a my friend's T30. It looks like strong metal detail (about 3mm thick). However the problem that it is not painted at all. So it has a lot of rust. It is...
  2. X-Trail
    Does anyone have any information on fitting running boards to t30 xtrail. I have no idea how.
  3. X-Trail
    Nissan X Trail T30 2006: Hi all, My 2006 X Trail has had a few problems recently, it has never had an issues in the past, is serviced well and has 120000KM on the clock. The first issues that came up roughly two weeks ago were an unusually long crank time, poor fuel economy and a noticeable...
  4. X-Trail
    I have a Nisan X Trail 2002 petrol to 2.5 L that has been having an intermittent starting problem. Generally I was able to get the car to start by turning the key to the on position then turn it off and turn it back on and it would start now it won’t start at all. the key and immobiliser was...
1-4 of 4 Results