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  1. Looking for a Sunny B11 Part

    B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    Hello, I am a happy owner of a 1984 Nissan Sunny B11 coupe. Unfortunately the "Finisher Rear Panel" is broken. What I now need is a new or used spare part for this. Doesn't matter if it is new or used it just has to be not broken. I have looked up the OEM part number which is "79850 11A00". I...
  2. nissan sunny 2005 airbag improvements

    General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I own a nissan sunny 2005 and was wondering if the airbag came with improvements such as: -better safety -airbag deploys in slower speed -better sensor and algorithms I heard that all cars came with improved airbags since the 2006 year and was wondering if this 2005 car came also...