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  1. Nissan GTR/Skyline
    Hello! I own a 2001 Skyline R34 25GT with an RB25DE NEO engine, and I'm looking to install a short ram in the near future and am seeking help/guidance on how to find parts that are compatible. I've had a bit of trouble finding information on my own due to my results always being for the R34...
  2. Member Classifieds
    I have a stock R32 GTS-4 RB20DET that could use a new home. Nothing is wrong with the car, I just don't drive the car enough anymore. The car is inspected until 11/22, however you don't really have to worry much since due to age the car is just a gas cap test for emissions. Skylines aren't too...
    $20,000 USD
  3. Nissan GTR/Skyline
    hello everyone, i own a r31 skyline gx executive and it wont turn over, it has a new battery. maybe a fuse or something im not sure. thanks
  4. Classic Datsun
    Guys, I was looking at the weird vehicles for sale and found (what is claimed to be) an R30(?) Skyline four-door double cab. Has anyone come across this? Google is unhelpful. I really want to try and give this thing a go, though.
  5. Nissan GTR/Skyline
    Ive noticed the r35 gtr has that really distinct sound thats different to any other v6. I know alot of people wont like this but is there any way to make it sound like a regular v6? such as the vq35 or somethin idk. And also, what makes the gtr sound that specific way? is it due to exhaust...
1-5 of 5 Results