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  1. 1st Generation 240SX (1989-1994)
    Hi, I am just about to purchase cams but have a few concerns about my setup because its a bit odd. I am running a S13 block with S15 head, and within the head VTC is going to be deleted and replaced with S13 cam gears. Because I don't need oil pressure to operate VTC anymore, should I go with...
  2. 1st Generation 240SX (1989-1994)
    I have a 89 s13 roller and I've been looking for a rb20 for a minute but every website I go to they're all out of stock, im trying to find one for under 4k but seems almost impossible to find one at all. Ive even tried searching for a ca18det as a backup if I couldn't find the KA or RB20, I need...
  3. 1st Generation 240SX (1989-1994)
    As the title says, my tach is not working. I recently just fixed my speedometer to get it to move and work, but I still don't have a tach. I've been looking thru wiring diagrams and the fsm, but I'm still unsure of where to start looking for an issue. My car is rough so I wouldn't put it past...
1-3 of 3 Results