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  1. J11/J12 2013-present Rogue Sport chassis
    We just got the oil change and inspection done and then the driver's seat started making this horrible noise. Is this a simple WD-40 solution repair situation? Or should we take it back to the dealership? Video of the sound.
  2. S35 2007-2015 chassis
    So I came across this Nissan for $1500. Has roughly 155xxx miles. Needs some parts replaced, mostly suspension stuff. But has these codes: P0725 P0826 P1701 P0776 P0868 could there be one sensor/part that’s causing all these codes?
  3. S35 2007-2015 chassis
    I have fault codes showing on my 2017 Rogue Sport. P0546 and P2018 (Exhaust gas temperature sensor). I would like to make this repair myself but I am having trouble finding where the actual sensor is to see if it's just a loose connector, a broken wire or if I need to replace the whole sensor...
  4. S35 2007-2015 chassis
    Had my Check Engine light fire up on the way into work today, and when I checked the code it said P2080, which is apparently the exhaust gas temperature sensor upstream of the catalytic converter. Problem is, I can't find any resource that shows me exactly where this sensor is on the vehicle, or...
1-4 of 4 Results