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  1. T33 2020-present chassis
    Does anyone know of a way to disable the battery saver that turns off the audio ever ten minutes? It’s a great feature EXCEPT at the drive-in! note: I have done what I found in other forums: tried ACC mode, brakes, looked for the function in the settings menu, tried just turning on the radio...
  2. General Maxima Discussion
    I just bought a immaculate 2010 maxima. But i want to upgrade the navigation and radio system. Is it possible to do that? How do i and how much do you think it will cost?
  3. Hi!

    New Member Forum
    Hello! I've only had Billie the Qashqai for 2 days! I'm still getting used to her...none the less.. I have a few CC doesn't seem to be working (photo attatched) and my radio and lcd seem to be cutting out...more affected in the heat..any tips or suggestions on what to do? TIA
  4. Audio
    Hi all! I'm newly a proud owner of a Qashqai, (face-lift 2010) but the LCD radio screen is so bad, it's there and after half an hour nothing at all, and the sound has started cutting out, and I have to reboot the system for it to work again...any tips, tricks or ideas? TIA
  5. General Discussion
    I've been looking to buy a K10 micra recently and most of those in a viable distance from me seem to be GL models and I've got a question about the standard kit in them. All the reviews I've been able to find on the same models are Colettes or Premiums and they both have radios in them from what...
  6. Murano
    My daughter has 2012 Murano SL AWD with Bose audio. All radio anf audio systems have worked great until this happened. Last night she sat in the car with a friend for a couple hours in the cold with the ignition on. Drained the battery, would not start. (Note that the battery was just replaced...
  7. Pathfinder
    Hi, I installed an aftermarket Radio into my 06 Nissan Pathfinder with the bose sound system and the sound is ok but the FM radio reception is terrible I get maybe 3 stations total compared to my Toyota which gets around 15 at least and I made sure to connect the blue antenna wire to the antenna...
1-7 of 7 Results