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  1. Pathfinder
    Hey y'all I just installed a lift on my wife's 2000 Pathfinder. I did a lot of research before hand so I went with 9449 springs in the rear with Bilstein shocks and in the front KYB struts with AC 2in lift coils and there 1/2 in spacers, as they claim it'll raise it another inch. Well I'm very...
  2. Pathfinder
    hey guys, so i have a 2002 pathfinder 3.5 and when the car warms up and i hold my foot on the throttle slightly and maintain RPMS between 1700-2000 , the revs jump and it also does itt when im in first gear. its like a fuel cut off. if i put heavy load on the gas pedal it drives normally but if...
1-2 of 2 Results