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  1. Pathfinder engine sign, car does move

    While driving Pathfinder 2013 in KSA, Car shows this sign and it stops on the road. To drive again I turn off the engine and start again. What is the issue?
  2. 97 Nissan Pathfinder sunroof question?????

    First and foremost does the sunroof have a fuse? And if so where is the location of this fuse? I'm having trouble with the tilt. The button seems to not be working at all and it's stuck in the open tilt position and would like for it to close all the way. Is there anyway for this to be achieved...
  3. Buying Recommendations for 3rd Gen Pathfinder

    I’m currently looking to purchase a 3rd gen Pathfinder. What are the best years for gen 3s and what years should I avoid? Are there any common issues that occur at a particular mileage? I‘ll be towing a 4,000 lbs. center console fishing boat, I would prefer a 4x4 and I’m interested in the V8...