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  1. Questions Specifically about the 89 Pulsar NX XE

    B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    I get confused when I see the different codes and stuff. B12 b13 n13, kn13. I have a pulsar i been piecing together and been looking for parts. What older nissans share interchangable parts with the 89 pulsar nx XE? Thats the basic pulsar right? so that means i have a N13 or kn13? I been trying...
  2. 07 Titan Engine Control Module Issues

    Titan & Armada
    Hey there, First post on a Nissan forum. About 8 months ago (July ‘19) I was driving my truck and the accelerator stopped working in the middle of my drive. I could floor the pedal, and it wouldn’t accelerate. I coasted to a parking lot and pulled into a spot. I turned it off, then cranked it...
  3. help identify this S14 wing

    S14 240SX 1995-1998
    I've been searching all night for this wing and the only thing ive seen is a really low res picture on an owner's manual. Its carbon fiber with the side plates looking like shark fins that have covers to the screws to take out the centerpiece of the wing. i guess its part of a sports package but...
  4. 2019 Murano PARTS NEEDED! Was stolen and vandalized.

    So my brother just bought the 2019 Murano S and it was stolen after two weeks (no insurance coverage :( stupid I know its a long story.) It was lived in by the theif for 2 weeks.. theyve destroyed the head unit, ac control buttons, passenger flipdown mirror/sun visor, and the driver side mirror...