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  1. 2nd Generation Altima (1998-2001)
    So, this vehicle has had issues after issue. Most recently, my idler pulley went out and I had to rig it up to work until I could get a new one, which eventually snapped my serpentine belt. I replaced the pulley, and I replaced the belt. Afterwards my car drove wonderfully for about 50mi. Then...
  2. 3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    Good day, and thank you ahead of time for your time and effort! THE PATIENT: Altima, S, 2006, 2.5L THE PROBLEM: The car sometimes has a stuttering start-up. Check engine light on. P0420 CODE. Temp after CAT is significantly lower than the temp before the CAT. WHAT HAS BEEN DONE: I replaced...
1-2 of 2 Results