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  1. General Maxima Discussion
    Long story short, I pulled into a driveway that had a downward slope to it and got stuck in the snow because the driveway hadn't been shoveled. I shifted into reverse and floored it for about 30-45 seconds to free myself. Could I have damaged my CVT transmission in any way by doing this? My...
  2. General Maxima Discussion
    I just bought a 2020 Maxima Platinum which has the manufacturer installed option Interior Accent Light. I have read every word in the Owners Manual, but there is absolutely no mention of this feature - what it is, and what it supposed to do, or what interiors supposed to be lighted. My...
  3. A34 2004-2008 Chassis
    I replaced my Water pump and in so doing believe I let the primary chain slip a tooth or two. So I pulled the timing case cover, probably letting the chain slip a little more when taking off the harmonic balancer. I'm replacing the primary chain and primary chain tensioner and guides while here...
  4. Altima SE-R
    So my Nissan Altima se-r has a cracked head gasket and im pretty sure value issues. It has 174K miles im thinking about buying a new engine. There are no engines coming out of an SER anywhere close to my area but there are 2006 Nissan Maxima 3.5 se engines available, aren't this VQ35DE the exact...
  5. A34 2004-2008 Chassis
    What’s interchange range of bumpers for a 2008 Maxima? Would a 06 bumper fit on a 08?
  6. General Maxima Discussion
    Hey Guys, i own a 2008 maxima. My transmission makes a grinding noise loud when first start up. It continues as you accelerate or break but not as loud. any suggestions?
  7. From average to: SAVAGE

    From average to: SAVAGE

    3" Round Super White Blue Halo Bumper Driving Fog Light Lamps 20" Chrome Gianna Momentum wheels with Nexen performance tires Chrome pillars and side mirror covers Polished steel "MAXIMA" blue glow door sills (front) custom painted calipers (Nismo Blue) custom radiator cap (Nismo Blue)...