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  1. Versa
    Yesterday, I made a U-turn on some loose gravel. Later during the trip, I noticed that the light came on. I turned off the engine after I finished, part of my trip and then again when I got home. Now, the light came on again when I left the house. Is it a DYI fix or do I have to go the...
  2. Tires & Wheels
    Hi My Qashqai from 2016 is having issues. The indicator light for tyre pressure keeps lighting 5-6 minutes into The ride. Before that, I Can see The pressure is all fine. But still it suddenly tuens on The light and there’s just dots when I swipe The Dashboard to show The tyre pressure. i’ve...
  3. Murano
    This past spring both the ABS and AWD lights came on at the same time randomly and have been on ever since. It is a 2004 Nissan Murano SE. I hadn’t done anything other then drive the car normally and one day when I started the car the lights were both on and continued to be on. From research I...
1-3 of 3 Results