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  1. Hit a bump while driving, now ticking badly?

    HB Truck
    I just bought a 91 4cyl Hardbody 4wd with 113k miles and drove it home. (about an hour and a half drive). The next day I took it out for drive and it ran fine. I pulled out of a gas station and hit a little bump and it started to tick very badly and had almost no power. No check engine light. It...
  2. Changed a water pump now truck won’t start! HELP

    HB Truck
    1986 Nap z 2.4 changed the water pump cranked the truck it cranks over but no start no spark. I turned the ignition on and tapped power to the white wires that I’m holding in the pic with my power probe I posted and both coils fire when I release the power probe button so I’m thinking maybe...
  3. Radiator fan stays on even when truck is cold

    HB Truck
    I’ve owned my 94 Hardbody for about six months now, and it’s always had a problem where the temp gauge reads that the engine is cold. It’s winter now and the needle barely gets above the cold mark. Even when the truck is ice cold in the morning, in below freezing weather, the radiator fan comes...