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  1. 99 Sentra GA16DE specs on retainer nut for power steering pulley?

    B14 95-99 chassis
    Had nut for power steering pulley go missing right before my eyes. Part #08911-6422A. It fell on the ground and cannot locate it, believe me I've looked. I will have to wait 4 days for this nut from dealer or if I can get the specs I can probably find a good auto quality replacement at Ace...
  2. Is a valve job worth it at 200,000 miles?

    B14 95-99 chassis
    1996 Nissan Sentra GA16DE Manual trans (base model). Two weeks ago my timing chain skipped a few teeth and since then I did a whole timing chain rebuild including new water pump, thermostat and new belts. At this point I got the car to run and know that the timing chain and it’s components work...
  3. Grinding noise when accelerating/engine misfiring

    B14 95-99 chassis
    I have a 96 Sentra 1.6L GA16DE (201,000 miles). Yesterday my car was running normally and when I went to drive it after it sat a couple hours a very loud grinding noise occurred when I would try to accelerate from a stop. As soon as I pushed more than a 1/4 way down on the gas pedal the grinding...
  4. Starting issue please help diagnose

    B14 95-99 chassis
    1996 Sentra 1.6L base model, 199,000 miles. Lately I’ve had problems starting the car once it’s been driven for a while and is warm. I can always get it to start normally in the morning but if I drive around and say go get gas the car won’t start back up. I can hear it cranking fine and...