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  1. 6th/7th Generation Sentra (2007–2019)
    My Sentra won't turn on at all. It cranks but won't start. I had battery replaced due to the old one going bad from what I had noticed. I got starting fluid and gave it a go and it started for a few seconds and shut off, did it again a few moments later and same thing. I even tried giving it...
  2. Hardbody Truck (1985-1997)
    My truck is a manual Nissan d21 or hardbody. It’s a v6 se model. I was having a problem where my trucks rpms would drop and it would rev super low and almost die. It got to where I couldn’t even tap the gas to get the rpms up as it would kill it almost instantly. The only thing I could do was...
  3. Z31 300ZX(T)
    Hello, I have an 86 Non-Turbo Automatic I am trying to find an "O-Ring" that seals a new fuel pump to the tank Did not receive one with new pump and can't use the old one and can not find one anywhere as of yet - any ideas? Thank you!!!!
1-3 of 3 Results