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  1. Hardbody Truck (1985-1997)
    I’ve got a 1989 Nissan Hardbody D21 3.0 v6. I’ve recently had to do a replace a distributor and ecu and one I’ve got to replace the injectors now since they are only reading 1.3 ohms. I’ve been searching around for the 3.0 injectors but I’ve found that no one has them at all. I’ve even checked a...
  2. X-Trail
    Nissan X Trail T30 2006: Hi all, My 2006 X Trail has had a few problems recently, it has never had an issues in the past, is serviced well and has 120000KM on the clock. The first issues that came up roughly two weeks ago were an unusually long crank time, poor fuel economy and a noticeable...
  3. Hardbody Truck (1985-1997)
    I have 94 truck with ka24 4cyl. Got truck with blown motor. Rebuild motor and got running. To make a long story short I will describe the problem. Starts and fast idles, idle drops in few minutes. Then it rev hi and surge. Can’t drive like this! Have replaced mass air sensor, air sensor in carb...
1-3 of 3 Results