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  1. Hardbody Truck (1985-1997)
    alrighty, I live in California and I drive for doordash, my dad gave me his 94 Nissan D21 XE V6 4x4 (manual), with just about 121,000 miles on it. Its not ideal for delivery jobs, but its big enough to live out of. I was gonna travel around and do doordash, I did it before in a 07 honda fit but...
  2. 6th/7th Generation Sentra (2007–2019)
    Hello I own an automatic 2013 Nissan Sunny It’s a tiny 1.5L engine but it chugs fuel like crazy and gas prices here are not so good 💀 I’m averaging an mpg of about 21 (9 km/l) seems like too much for such a tiny engine, can anyone provide me with what May need changing? (Apart from spark plugs)...
  3. X-Trail
    Nissan X Trail T30 2006: Hi all, My 2006 X Trail has had a few problems recently, it has never had an issues in the past, is serviced well and has 120000KM on the clock. The first issues that came up roughly two weeks ago were an unusually long crank time, poor fuel economy and a noticeable...
1-3 of 3 Results