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  1. 1999 Sentra Won't Start

    Hello, my name is Nicholas, and I have a 1999 Sentra GXE. The other day, I was driving on the freeway when it started to lope. The car died. I couldn't give it gas. After getting it towed, I looked at two things: the battery, and the fuel pump. I replaced both, and the car still won't start...
  2. nissan Altima se-r 2005 engine

    Altima SE-R
    So my Nissan Altima se-r has a cracked head gasket and im pretty sure value issues. It has 174K miles im thinking about buying a new engine. There are no engines coming out of an SER anywhere close to my area but there are 2006 Nissan Maxima 3.5 se engines available, aren't this VQ35DE the exact...

    2007+ Altima
    I have replaced all the spark plugs, coil packs and got a new valve cover and for some reason my car has skipping going on between 50 and 60 mph (that I can notice). I'm also getting very low fuel economy (24.8 mpg now and 33.4 before). Please can someone point me in the right direction on what...
  4. Pathfinder engine sign, car does move

    While driving Pathfinder 2013 in KSA, Car shows this sign and it stops on the road. To drive again I turn off the engine and start again. What is the issue?
  5. Why does the r35 sound so much different to any other v6?

    Nissan GTR/Skyline
    Ive noticed the r35 gtr has that really distinct sound thats different to any other v6. I know alot of people wont like this but is there any way to make it sound like a regular v6? such as the vq35 or somethin idk. And also, what makes the gtr sound that specific way? is it due to exhaust...