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  1. General Altima/Stanza discussion
    My son has an 08 Altima 2.5L, was going down the highway and it started squealing then rattling and lost power, he coasted to a parking lot and noticed oil all over the front passenger wheel. I towed the car home and found that the alternator pulley had snapped off, the oil filter had a dent and...
  2. Pathfinder
    Purchase an 01 Pathfinder without an engine it was missing wiring harness for the positive battery terminal. Purchase a JDM Engine from eBay track down the correct harness change front and back engine crank sensor and cam position sensor no spark. Rear crank sensor is getting power 12 volts had...
  3. Pathfinder
    Hey everyone. I just picked up a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder LE. 235k KM It runs pretty well once its going but its a bit slow to start/turnover sometimes. When the key turns it clicks a few times and then sounds like its not quite turning over but if I give it a little bit of gas it seems to go...
  4. 2nd Generation 240SX (1994-1999)
    Hi all I have a 1995 Nissan 240sx (S14) with a KA24DE running in it with a J7 ECU, or a 1997 Automatic ECU. When I first got the car it was running but since, the head gasket blew and so I've replaced it. I've rebuilt the head of the motor and seem to have compression in each of my cylinders as...
  5. Pathfinder
    P0340 code what to do ? Auto part store only comes up with a crankshaft sensor are they the same ? 1998 Nissan Pathfinder Se 4x4 3.3 V6 engine ( I believe )
  6. Hardbody Truck (1985-1997)
    1986 Nap z 2.4 changed the water pump cranked the truck it cranks over but no start no spark. I turned the ignition on and tapped power to the white wires that I’m holding in the pic with my power probe I posted and both coils fire when I release the power probe button so I’m thinking maybe...
1-6 of 6 Results