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  1. X-Trail
    Vehicle: 2006 X Trail LE 2.5L QR25DE Hi guys, new to the fourm, I just got a 2nd hand 2006 Xtrail LE that was in good shape at 246k km, did the basic maintenance to make it safetiable and road worthy, but after getting it back from the mechanic, on my way to work, The service light came on, it...
  2. Pathfinder
    96 Nissan pathfinder. Alarm going off after reaching through the window to unlock the car and the car now won’t start out of nowhere. The alarm won’t go off either. Tried disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it and the alarm continue to go off after reconnecting. What could this be?
  3. Z31 300ZX(T)
    Good even, I’m the proud owner of a 1987 Nissan 300zx turbo. I love the car but after it sat for a winter last year it decided it doesn’t wanna start. I put the key in everything comes up (most of my dash seeing my dash power supply burned out) fuel pump turns on. Once I start cranking it’s...
1-3 of 3 Results