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  1. U13 1993-1997 Altima
    I tried to replace the front brake pads on my 1994 altima but couldn't because the caliper glide pin wouldn't come out. it will spin and move in and out about 1 or 2 mm but wont go all the way in or out. what would cause this and what are my options?
  2. U13 1993-1997 Altima
    This morning when I started my car my brake light on the dash was lit up. I made sure my e-brake was all the way down and it was. Could it be something wrong somewhere in the brake system or just something minor?
  3. Quest
    Doing first brake job Ordered only rear rotors and pads so far Ordered Alebono ACT905A Ultra Premium. The bads that showed up ship and sold by Amazon say AK CF120 N21 All the ones I've have act(number) printer on back where mine says cf.... So did they send me some random other model? Thanks
  4. Xterra
    Last week during a strong rain, I pulled out and slipped a tad. My ABS activated and that was all that happened. It has been a week now and this issue has persisted. When I drive for about 50 or so feat, all of the lights relating to the brake system come on. VDC wont turn back on, I have...
  5. Pathfinder
    Is there any difference in the brake rotors and suspension for the V6 vs the V8 , I have a V6 but I want to upgrade the brakes and suspension, reason been is that I think my pathfinder don’t stop quick enough comparing to my other SUV
  6. B16 and B17 chassis
    I have a an xtrail needing new rotors but I would like to buy aftermarket ones on Amazon, however the Japanese makes are not common and I was wondering if there are interchangeable American models I can buy from? Locally the rotors go for 120 a piece which seems steep.
  7. D22 Frontier 1997-2004
    I originally posted this in the brake and suspension forum, but didn't get any responses. Trying again here hoping someone is paying attention. I do have a small update though. I bought a dial indicator to check the runout on the front, just to make sure, even though I have new rotors. I do feel...
1-7 of 7 Results