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bose amp

  1. No sound from Bose amp after jump start

    My daughter has 2012 Murano SL AWD with Bose audio. All radio anf audio systems have worked great until this happened. Last night she sat in the car with a friend for a couple hours in the cold with the ignition on. Drained the battery, would not start. (Note that the battery was just replaced...
  2. Need Help Am I confused or am I confused?

    A35 2009-2014 Chassis
    okay so I have a 2014 Maxima SV. Ive replaced speakers adding aftermarket amps and DSP (RF 3sixty.3). Ive read the whole internet practically and this is what I dont get. They say its better to bypass the factory amp. Then there are others that say you have to put the DSP after the factory...