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  1. QG18 1.8L Engine
    I'm looking to buy a qg18de engine for my 2002 nissan sentra, as i blew mine up. I found a jdm motor on sale near me for a good price, but the ad states its for the 2003-06 models. Will it still fit with little to no modifications? I'd hate to buy the engine and have it not fit at all. also is...
  2. 5th Generation Sentra (2000–2006)
    I recently replaced bulbs of the cluster but at r I replaced noticed all my lights worked except the turn signal did flash it worked in the exterior but they didn’t flash in the cluster? Looking for help or do I need to put old bulbs back in in just turn signals ?
  3. 5th Generation Sentra (2000–2006)
    Hi I bought a 2006 ser spec v about 3 months ago and as I’ve had it the clutch pedal feel has completely changed and eventually got to the point where shifting was hard and I couldn’t get into reverse. I replaced the slave and master cylinder and bled the system well. After this it worked great...
1-3 of 3 Results