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  1. B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    Tl;Dr: I'm looking for a B12 Nissan Sentra XE. For the context behind it, I'm looking for my dream car. I grew up with the 1989 B12 XE, loved it, even had my left thumb slammed in the door enough to cause a permanent deform in it. Unfortunately around 2013, the car failed inspection because of...
  2. B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    Okay, let's beat this dead horse... Which wire is which on the ignition switch? 87 sentra b12 e16s. Thanks yall. BLUE--------------------> BLACK/WHITE-----> BLACK/GREEN----> BLACK/YELLOW--> WHITE/RED--------->
  3. B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    Hey everyone, fairly new here but I have a project that I will be starting with my Dad here in a little bit. We’ve got an 89’ B12 sitting in his yard collecting dust and want to build the thing into a little rocket. I ended up throwing a rod in it back when I was daily driving it as my first...
  4. B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    I recently had a lot work done to my 1989 Nissan Sentra by a local mobile mechanic (i.e. Head gasket, timing chain, water pump, oxygen sensor, etc.). He never finished the work so I was left to figure out where the remaining parts (e.g., hoses, connectors, etc.) went. After putting everything...
  5. B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    Hello everyone! I am quite new to this site, well literally just logged in to ask this. Where can i find B12 Coupe/RZ1 bodykits?? I live in Finland and B12 Coupes are quite rare here, so spoilers and other bodyparts are scarce. Finding a spoiler for my Coupe is the most important task, i...
  6. It didn't seem so bad at first.

    Yeah it is way worse
  7. Driver side back corner.

    I have countless pics of just rust, i don't have the time/motivation to upload all of them, unless people want to see more.
  8. B12 Coupe

    When i bought it.
  9. Rusted out skirts

    Im currently welding new skirts (31.11.19)
1-9 of 9 Results