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  1. 1st/2nd Generation Sentra/Pulsar (1982–1990)
    If you have Corbeau seats in your B12, which model do you use? I want to get some Corbeau seats for mine, but I’m not sure which ones will fit.
  2. 1st/2nd Generation Sentra/Pulsar (1982–1990)
    Does anyone know a good mobile mechanic in the Los Felliz area of Los Angeles? So far my luck has been pretty bad at finding one.
  3. 1st/2nd Generation Sentra/Pulsar (1982–1990)
    I know that the Eurocam is the go to for an aftermarket performance cam for the B12 Sentra. However, since they are impossible to find these days, is there an alternative? I was thinking maybe the cam from a later model Sentra might suffice, but I’m not sure.
  4. 1st/2nd Generation Sentra/Pulsar (1982–1990)
    I hate the OEM seats for the ‘89 Sentra Sports Coupe. Anyone have good luck with either aftermarket seats or seats from another Nissan?
  5. 1st/2nd Generation Sentra/Pulsar (1982–1990)
    Hello everyone! I am quite new to this site, well literally just logged in to ask this. Where can i find B12 Coupe/RZ1 bodykits?? I live in Finland and B12 Coupes are quite rare here, so spoilers and other bodyparts are scarce. Finding a spoiler for my Coupe is the most important task, i...
  6. It didn't seem so bad at first.

    Yeah it is way worse
  7. Driver side back corner.

    I have countless pics of just rust, i don't have the time/motivation to upload all of them, unless people want to see more.
  8. B12 Coupe

    When i bought it.
  9. Rusted out skirts

    Im currently welding new skirts (31.11.19)
1-9 of 9 Results