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  1. A/C - Driver side takes long to cool.

    L32A 2007-2012 Altima
    Hello all!! 2012 Nissan Altima 2.5 S about 111K miles. have been noticing that the driver side has been taking quite a bit to cool when I turn on the A/C. Both vents directly to the left and the right of the steering wheel take a bit to cool down and blow nice cool air. The vent in the...
  2. Air Con fuse blown

    Z32 300ZX
    1991 Nissan 300zx My AC stopped blowing cold air about 5 weeks ago, the R12 is a little on the low end but not low enough for the low pressure sensor to stop it. To be sure I skipped the low pressure sensor and connected the compressor to the battery and it began blowing cold air. I notidced the...
  3. 06 pathfinder AC is cool but not cold

    How do I check the AC pressure on these rear AC systems I can't seem to find any information about them online. The pressures with rear AC on was around 55 psi low and 265psi high. At 80 degrees outside with about 85% humidity. And with the rear AC off the pressures are lower. Does anybody know...