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  1. 6th/7th Generation Sentra (2007–2019)
    Hello. I drive a 4-cylinder 2015 Nissan Sentra, CVT transmission. Last month, when I got into my car that morning to go to work, the car took uncharacteristically long to start up (long crank). It ran fine otherwise, and when I finished work it would start up fine. Since then, i found the...
  2. Versa
    Hello, Last April I bough a used Nissan Versa Note 2015 from an independant Car Dealership. I am leaving in the Province of Québec in Canada and since the cold started here in early November, i've experienced major condensation problems on all my front and back interior windows. I'll try...
  3. General Discussion
    This is going to be a repost from a thread I started in the Nissan Versa Forums -- I figured the general Nissan Forums would probably get more views, and thus give me a higher chance of finding someone who could help. Hey guys, so I drive a 2015 Versa Note S and recently replaced the stock...
1-3 of 3 Results