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  1. 2010 Nissan Murano Tailgate Won't Lock

    My 2010 just quit locking fully last week and I found that the rear hatch/tailgate could easily be opened even with the car supposedly locked. I read on the forum the issue could be the lift gate acuator failing. I replaced it today and everything went smooth on the install but I still can not...
  2. 2010 Rogue SL Makes Strange "Humming" Noise When I Let Off the Gas

    2008+ Nissan Rogue
    So I just bought a 2010 Rogue with ~68,000 miles on it and I noticed something strange starting a few days ago. When I let off the gas going 15-30 mph sometimes a fluttering/humming noise starts to come from the front end of the car. As soon as I apply any amount of power, it instantly stops...