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  1. General 240SX/Silvia/200SX
    So iv lost the keys to my 1999 nissan 200sx, so locked out of the car and can't get it home. I have tried a load of local locksmiths and they have all said they arnt able to do it due to the year, just wondering has anyone had this happen to them and if so what was your solution. Thanks in...
  2. 4th Generation Sentra/200SX (1995–1999)
    Does any one here know if i can use a AMR500 mini supercharger on my car i just got 2 of these cars im going to put it on one of them just curious if anyone knows if the motor will blow right away sorry my grammer is trash. Thank you
  3. 4th Generation Sentra/200SX (1995–1999)
    I start the car normaly and it runs well! I got a a very strong battery too (Gold) This is where things are going bad; signal lights dont work brake lights dont work ac dont work cant roll down windows gauges on dashboard dont work nor the lights aka dimmers radio dont work fog lights dont work...
  4. 4th Generation Sentra/200SX (1995–1999)
    So I am not super knowledgeable with cars but am really wanting to learn and well I'm going to be getting a roller 200sx b14 1995, and I will say I'm a big 240sx fan and have been learning alot about them recently. I'm very curious to know if it is possible to fit a s13 or s14 subframe on a...
  5. GOPR0265_1506644024685_high.JPG

    Nissan 200sx with one piece jdm blk housing headlight, Mercedes blue tint, blk interior, vvl, jdm power folding mirrors, pioneer detachable face double din, 4 way adjustable struts, front lip, stage 4 clutch ...etc
  6. IMG_20180617_224528.jpg

    From rags to Riches
  7. Suspension & Brakes
    Hey, so everywhere I look someone has a different recommendation for coilovers I'm wondering if you guys have any recommendations. Id like to stay between $600-$800 for something fun and solid. I'm not expecting pro racecar coilovers at my range but I don't want something that's gonna break, or...
  8. 200SX/Silvia (1975-2002)
    Hi, i have no Nissan, i jave just a Nissan Silvia exhaust for sale, located in Luxembourg / Europe Good shape for 79-83 models [email protected]
  9. 4th Generation Sentra/200SX (1995–1999)
    I forgot to depressurize the fuel system, also no i have to reinstall the motormount to change where i have the jack. hope i didn"t ruin the oil pan as I do have something in between the jack and the pan. Also I have watched many videos of the timing chain placement but still just want to see an...
1-9 of 9 Results