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  1. Xotic muffler parts - Anyone try ??

    D40 2004-present
    Need new front and rear Catalytic converters (driver's side) on my 2005 Nissan Frontier Nismo Off-Road with AT. Cost here in Canada is about $600 for both front and back on the driver's side. Then I go to Amazon and see that I can get both left and right, front and back catalytic converters...
  2. Serena 2005 compatible roof racks - any suggestions?

    General Discussion
    Hi there! I am looking for second hand roof racks. Could you give me some hint on which models are compatible? Specific examples/names/labels apreciated. Got Serena 2005. Thanks much! ?
  3. still not performing at maximum

    Altima SE-R
    Okay so my Altima SER had a cracked head gasket for about a year, and about a month ago i was driving down the road and a car was tailgating me so i stepped on it, and i redlined the engine im pretty sure, i didnt quite noitce but all i hear was my engine like blow. So about a week ago i got a...