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  1. 2nd Generation 240SX (1994-1999)
    I just recently purchased a 97 s14 Kouki with k24 series engin and it’s been pretty beat up and treat badly. The main issue I have at the moment that I’d like to address first is the wiring, it looks that the wiring in the left fender under the wheel well was sliced through all the way. I pulled...
  2. Hardbody Truck (1985-1997)
    1997 automatic base model Hardbody. Truck has 97K miles. Oil leaks from block. Items checked/replaced: Seafoam in gas tank New Rotor, Cap, wires and Plugs Cleaned MAF sensor Air filter is relatively new Belt tension is correct Still stalling, so I took it to a mechanic. They checked the fuel...
  3. Pathfinder
    Good evening all(time reflects pst) I was recently given a 97 Pathfinder by a friend. Although extremely kind and generous of him it was it has been a nightmare troubleshooting the several issues that came with it. So the biggest issue I’m dealing with right now is that it won’t start...
1-3 of 3 Results