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  1. 1st/2nd Generation Sentra/Pulsar (1982–1990)
    Trying to sell my dad's nx base, It comes with a fair bit of parts for it. From what I remember he got the engine running well but needs clutch work and maybe some tires that will hold air. He's got a listing on fb marketplace with more pictures. $3k obo 716-799-5007 - Ask for Don...
  2. Classic Datsun
    Hi everyone. I'm a new owner of a 85 720, and I am looking for a either a truck bed or the passenger side panels. I have spent weeks looking for for either one, because some jackass slammed into the side of my truck in a parking lot, and of course they didn't stick around. One thing I am sure of...
  3. Z31 300ZX(T)
    :cool: In the process of replacing the radiator of my 1985 300ZX Turbo and I've come across an issue I need some help with. There's a metal "pipe" that is housed in the structural bar that sits behind the headlights and contains the hood latch. This "connector" brings the the upper and lower...
1-3 of 3 Results