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General Information

Convertible by Straman; #50 of about 150
Purchased new in 1984 as a NA VG30; transformed into a turbocharged VG33
1984 Nissan 300ZX (Red)


Bearings: Clevite rod and main bearings
Block and Pistons: VG33 block and pistons cleaned and cylinders honed by Wells Racing Engines, Duncanville, TX
Blow Off Valve: HKS (71008-AK001) Super SQV4 Sequential Blow Off Valve Kit
Cams: Schneider Racing Cams; 1235 Cushman Avenue; San Diego, CA 92110; 280-70H-14 Nissan VG Camshaft; Part number: 17076;
Grind Number: 280-70H-14; Intake Duration (gross): 280; Exhaust Duration (gross): 270; Intake Duration (.050”): 220; Exhaust
Duration (.050”): 214; Intake Valve Lift: .450”; Exhaust Valve Lift: .450”; Lobe Separation: 114; Intake Valve Lash: .000”; Exhaust
Valve Lash: .000”; RPM Range: 3000 – 7200.
Clutch: South Bend, Kevlar Stage 3
Crank: VG30 crank, long snout, balanced by Wells Racing Engines, Duncanville, TX
Differential and Rear Axles: 1987 300 ZX Turbo
ECU Tuning: NIStune Type 1 Board
Exhaust: 3” custom mandrel bent aluminized turbo back system with off road (i.e. no muffler) pipe extending to the back bumper; CM
Performance Exhaust – 1637 Banks Road, Margate, FL.
Fuel Injectors: 450cc High Impedance hose style connectors + 7 ev6 pigs, with stainless steel body, tip for two valve motor from Fuel
Injector Connection LLC, 5485 Bethelview Rd., Suite 360-155, Cumming, GA;
Gage – Boost Controller: Turbosmart e-Boost Street Boost Controllers TS-0302-1002 (ashtray cutout mounted)
Gage – Exhaust Gas Temperature: EGT 52mm 2 1/16" Prosport Premium Series Amber/white
Gage – Fuel Air Mixture: Innovate LC2 Wideband + DB 52mm Kit w/ O2 Sensor BLUE Gauge LC-2 (3795)
Heads and Intake Manifold: VG30 heads and intake manifold, ported
Intercooler: Treadstone Performance Engineering TRV1259 with the specs being:
- Overall Size 12" X 14.25" X 3.50"
- Core Size 12.5 X 9.00 X 3.50
- 2.50" Inlet/Outlet
- Bead blasted end tanks
- 500Hp efficient
- 1.5psi Pressure Drop
Radiator: Z31 dual core Turbo conversion
Radiator Fan: Electric conversion, Z31Turbo; Pearle Performance controller
Transmission: Borg-Warner T-5, 5 speed (FS5R90A) Turbo transmission
Turbocharger: AGP Zeta 3.0
Per their web site:
Compressor Specs:
- AGP Cast T04E ported shroud housing 4" inlet 2" outlet
- AGP billet 7075 aluminum compressor wheel +58 lbs./min
Turbine Specs:
- AGP Cast T31 4 bolt outlet T3 turbine housing available in .48, .63, and .82 A/R ratios
- AGP Cast 3" V band outlet twin scroll T3 housing available in .55, .75, and 1.00 A/R ratios
- AGP Cast 57mm turbine wheel
Valve Springs: Schneider
Valves: Ferrea
LED interior lighting
Three gage pod on A pillar
Wheel and Tire
18 X 8 SB Manufacturing; 225/45R-18 BRIDGESTONE POTENZA S-04 POLE POSITION SL



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