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lemans sunset
Roadster, 6MT
I recently (02/08/2017) purchased this 350z from a local dealer that knew I was looking for an easy project. The interior is rough and the top will get replaced before the summer hits. Getting a Z and "saving it" has been a goal of mine for awhile, I want to learn about the car and become more mechanically inclined. This is a good start.

I've always loved the orange that Nissan produced, and I've always loved the idea of having an open top on an 85 degree day (I love the heat, it feels good on my arthritis.)
2004 Nissan 350z (lemans sunset)


The only thing I've found while inspected the car was the oil pressure was not getting a reading. Bought am Oil Pressure Sending Unit from Autozone with a warranty and that fixed it.
First thing I am replacing on this Z is the seats. I am too short and skinny for the stock seats. 5 ft 4 in and 120 lbs does not bode well with the wide seat. Replacing the seats with Corbeau DFX seats w/ Double Locking Sliders. The shift knob from Nissan is good, but I have not heard good things about their lifespan. I replaced the shifter with a Team Jagger Black and Orange Stitched Shifter. The theme for the car is going to be Black and Orange. The interior will most be black though.

I also replaced the Passenger Side Pull Handle as it was broken from the part that bolts to the door. The door vents will also be replaced so there are missing pieces on them.

I also noticed the EBrake pulled up far too easy and would not hold the car on an incline. I removed the penny holder slot, got a 10mm deep socket wrench and tightened the EBrake. It now stops at 7 clicks and holds the car even on steep inclines (still will put it in D or R on inclines incase.)
No exterior mods at this time, I'm currently working on the interior of the car.
The single din that came in the car is good for now. No reason to replace it.



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