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  1. z24 KA24E swap possibility into 89-90?

    S13 240SX 1989-1994
    A friend of mine has been given access to a '89 Hardbody, with an engine that is perfectly fine - but the shell is, well, lacking. I did a bit of research last night on his Sentra, all of the possibilities for it... and came across the idea of putting the z24 KA24E engine into a 240sx shell...
  2. Techometer question

    B13 91-94 chassis
  3. B13 Tails! You gotta see this!

    Cosmetic Mods
    Maybe if his tails were black tinted instead of clear, they'd be nicer.
  4. Cone Filter write-up. (For stock MAF, etc)

    General Discussion
    Yeah, I took a look at that, but didn't really like the idea of using that piece for the filter. Plus, I planned on removing the entire filter box, but ran out of time - not my car. ;)
  5. Tach install write-up

    B13 91-94 chassis
    Exactly, I was on low-budget plan doing this. ;) I also mounted the tach to the steering collumn, but I used drills, because the owner said it'd be permanent. :) It looks nice where it is, considering the size of it: 2" and something. :)
  6. Why is my intake such a bitch?

    QR25 2.5L Engine
    Last I checked, intakes don't give significant power, and why would it? ;) It might give you 1-5hp due to removing air restrictions, but the intake manifold isn't going to pull anymore air than it needs to begin with. Your automatic might not be helping like previously posted.
  7. Need your help

    B13 91-94 chassis
    Well, I'm pretty certain the SE-R and the sr20det from a Silvia aren't going to be the same for that. Sorry bud. :/
  8. Help: 91 Stanza/No tail or dash lights!

    It's a fuse for sure, but not that fuse most likely. Check your radio fuse, along with some others. Also, something may not be grounded correctly causing the fuse's blown... so if you keep blowing fuses, find where the grounding error is at.
  9. Cone Filter write-up. (For stock MAF, etc)

    General Discussion
    Alright, so you don't like your box filter? Time to remove it, and get a little bit better air flow. But... you also don't have the money for an entire intake from AEM or etc? Just get the cone filter, and conversion piece... end up spending 1/4th to half the cost of a full intake. A simple...
  10. Tach install write-up

    B13 91-94 chassis
    I've never played with that year's chassis, so I can't even begin to help you. However, I searched a little, and looks like it has to wire to the ignition, no tricks like I wrote about. Check your other post: Looks like those guys might be...
  11. Tach install write-up

    B13 91-94 chassis
    I spent about 2-3 hours figuring out where to wire all of this, so figured I'd share the knowledge. ;)
  12. Tach install write-up

    B13 91-94 chassis
    This write-up is for the Nissan Sentra XE. 2door or 4door. I did quite a bit of searching, only write-up I could fine consisted of the cluster swap, not really an individual aftermarket tach install. There were some "help me!" posts, but here's the answer. :) Suggested tools: Electrical Tape...
  13. KA24E spark plug count?

    S13 240SX 1989-1994
    k, so is it possible to run 8, 2 per cyl?
1-13 of 13 Results