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  1. FS Maxima GXE OEM wheels with Hubcaps and tires in great condition

    A33 2000-2003 Chassis
    First, alloy wheels don't have hubcaps. I think you mean center caps. Second, please use the classified section.
  2. Turbocharger for 06 Frontier VQ40DE ???

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    holy OLD thread revival.
  3. GA16DE-supercharged

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    well, first things first, if you want to go to all the trouble to use a centrifugal blower, you're better off with a turbo. Easier to set up, bunch of people with setups already, and parts more easily available. just mho.
  4. Installing VTC solenoid in GA16de + SAFC or VAFC controller

    GA-Series Engines
    1) No, most likely not 2) No, SR20 ECU controls the SR20, not the GA16. Even if they were interchangeable, the SR20 doesn't have VTC. VTC is variable timing control. It's not like VTEC that swaps over to a different cam lobe. VTC in the GA16 is a stepped procedure that advances cam timing...
  5. QR25DE Oil Burning Problems

    QR25 2.5L Engine
    get a compression test and leakdown test done.
  6. 2002 nissan sentra se-r spec v sputtering problems

    General Discussion
    white smoke could be oil. Does the smoke dissipate or linger? Check compression. Smoke has nothing to do with o2 sensor or idle speed sensor.
  7. Looking into buy a used 350z... or G35?

    Z33 350Z 2003+
    my 03 Z never had trans grinding, and the stock clutch/fw on the 03's was the beefiest and best stock. After that, they got crappy. I had over 25k miles on turbo with the stock clutch, over 50k miles total.
  8. Nothing happens when I press on the gas pedal

    General Discussion
    there's no distributor on a QR25DE.
  9. 2010 Versa hatchback poor gas mileage

    2007+ Nissan Versa
    the CVT trans is a power-hungry pig, that's why. Note that Nissan is the only major car company really using them in any mass form. I was unimpressed wtih the mpg in our honda fit, too, for what it was. 108hp 1.5L 4banger and only 35mpg highway............not like hondas of yore.
  10. Starter/Starter Relay 1994 Nissan Sentra

    General Discussion
    Please do not post the same question in multiple sections.
  11. Starter Relay, 1994 Nissan Sentra.

    Naturally Aspirated
    sounds like your battery to me.
  12. Burning lots of oil

    GA-Series Engines
    get a new PCV. they're like $5-10. put it back in the right way.
  13. New Seats

    GA-Series Engines
    in order to CORRECTLY use harnesses without possibly causign yourself injury, you need a harness bar. The harness needs to secure at a location that is shoulder-level. If you mount to a location below shoulder level, you could cause severe compression injuries to your spine. FWIW, if they are...
  14. looking to get an spec v

    B15 2000-2006
    good luck. You'd have been better off with a GS-R than the Spec V, especially when it comes to reliability.
  15. Intercooler size and piping

    New Member Forum
    probably 2" from hot side to intercooler, and then 2.25" from intercooler to throttle body. the T25 doesn't require large piping, and the larger you go with that, the more noticeable lag will be.
  16. Swapping an Auto GA16DE Tranny for a Standard 200SX Tranny?

    GA-Series Engines
    if you get the 2000, just get a new SR20. No idea why you'd want to stick with the GA16 over just replacing the SR20.
  17. iPod 2003 Nissan Altima

    try for ipod adapter kits. They aren't cheap unless you do a lame fm transmitter.
  18. Help! 03 SV shaking/hopping when turning left

    B15 2000-2006
    No, but it's 8 years old now and probably overdue for suspension replacement.
  19. Im a newb

    General Z Discussion
    Well, in order to clearly convey your thoughts like a semi-intelligent individual, the first thing you need to do is USE SOME FREAKIN' PUNCTUATION.
  20. 2jzgte 240sx

    General 240SX/Silvia/S12 200SX
    Stop uselessly bumping old threads.
1-20 of 475 Results