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  1. My car has a identity chrisis plz help!!!

    B13 91-94 chassis
    Post a pic of the car.
  2. OLD SCHOOLERS UNITE.... '05 and before ROLLCALL!!

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    I'm still here !!! Just browsing the forums more than posting .
  3. where can i...

    B15 2000-2006
    You can try I also bought a vouple of performace parts off ebay but not a exhaust. You got to look for the right delas. :cheers:
  4. This is why you DON'T street race!

    General Discussion
    :loser: HE never had control of his car
  5. 98 sentra-check engine light

    GA-Series Engines
    I f you need a new one check out You can find one cheap. hope it helps
  6. Clean Garage = :-)

    I know the feeling. I took the sr20 out of my nx2000 when I dropped the ve in and the I said let me try to part this thing out. So I took it down and removed everything. There is such a mees in my garage. Not even to mention the fact that I have A shell of another nx2000 sitting on jackstands...
  7. G20 Head on a 200SX SR20??

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    check out here pm me any questions
  8. se-r suspenson on se?

    Suspension & Brakes
    front struts only
  9. G20 Head on a 200SX SR20??

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    where are you located? are you close to NY my friend vic is selling a bb kit
  10. G20 Head on a 200SX SR20??

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    :cheers: I meant it's not worth it just to swap intake manifolds from low port to high port and throw a bb kit on a usdm. If he wanted a highport turbo then go with the blue bird engine. But if he just wants to buy the kit I never said there was something wrong with using the usdm motor...
  11. G20 Head on a 200SX SR20??

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    ok so you can stick with your intake manifold and you can also pickup a 91 intake cam to gain a couple of hp for the time being. you can pick one up pretty cheap. I might have one sitting around I will check. I also have a high port intake manifold if you are interested. There is a write up- on...
  12. G20 Head on a 200SX SR20??

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    Stick with what you have. Imo it's not worth swapping over the manifold. Just buy a BB engine and you will have the highport as well as the turbo ;) The 97 se-r was a low port The hight port was used in the sentr/nx 91-94 The g20 high port was sold through 91-93. 93.5-96 used the low port...
  13. se-r suspenson on se?

    Suspension & Brakes
    yes all b14 suspension is the same. :cheers:
  14. My 02 spec V

    Member Rides
    that belongs to a guy upstairs there are two others as well in the next building over
  15. 03 specv kamikaze headers

    New Member Forum
    not sure about those but you can go with the obx is you are looking to keep costs down. I would be worried about it fitting correct but I have not seen to many installed
  16. My 02 spec V

    Member Rides
    Here is my 02 spec v. It's a great car and I love the torque. It has nothing on my sr20ve nx but it's a great dd. I installed Aem intake/Dc header/Ur pulley & greddy exhaust. I have a couple more mods to throw on when I move back to NY soon but I will post those up later. Cons: I am not to...
  17. New To Florida

    Thats the best part ;)
  18. Annoying state laws??? (MARYLAND)

    General Discussion
    Florida I have only been down here a little over a year and I was from NY I like using only one plate & there is no inspection. Plus no stickers in the window like NY.
  19. Exhaust Question for Spec-V

    QR25 2.5L Engine
    :) Yeah the muffler is straight through. The sound does not annoy me at all,like I said I don't even notice it anymore. It is a really nice deep tone that will set off a sensitive car alarm or 2.
  20. Exhaust Question for Spec-V

    QR25 2.5L Engine
    the evo 2 was took about 20 min to install everything fit nice and clean. I will take a pic and post it up for you. I have a aem intake dc header and the evo 2 and it is quiet IMO, street or highway speeds sounds nice. the tone is deep.
1-20 of 484 Results